Little Chem Chem

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Little Chem Chem, Kwa Kuchinia, Tanzania

Chem Chem Safaris, consisting of Little Chem Chem and Little Chem Chem, is situated within a private 20,000ha wildlife concession between Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara. Little Chem Chem borders Tarangire National Park, overlooking Lake Burunge in a 16,000ha private wildlife concession. Guests have the privilege of enjoying amazing interaction with a variety of wildlife species including the big tusker elephants which have found a sanctuary in the concession.

Little Chem Chem reflects a very cosy yet elegant but authentic atmosphere. The luxury of sharing 40’000a with only 10 guests offers an ideal “stage” where you can perfectly blend into the wilderness. Lions are roaming around the camp and calling each other at night, the big elephants are marching down to Lake Burunge to get a zip of its fresh water, Cheetahs are hunting on the plains in front of the Lake, Leopards, Elands and Lesser Kudu can be seen in the more dense woods in the inner part of the concession. And where ever you have water the bird life is rich and colourful.


Visit one of their locally supported schools and go on a wonderful cultural tour of a local village.

Honeymoon / Just for 2

With romantic picnics and dining under the stars, guests will surely fall in love with Little Chem Chem.

Specialist Guiding

Each safari experience is lead by an expert field guide that leads guests on a quest to recognise and track animal spoor, often within 15 meters of its owner.

Walking Safaris

Guests can enjoy a big game walking experience where the well-known bull "Tusker" elephants call home within the Chem Chem Concession. Safari on foot awakens your senses to a new level.

Scenic Flights

Hot Air Balloons

The typical landscape of the Tarangire, with its impressive Baobab trees and incredible wildlife, coupled with the exclusivity of a private concession, Little Chem Chem offers big game walking safaris and night drives on the concession to maximise on the Tarangire experience. This is a big game adventure!

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