Kiba Point

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Kiba Point, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Kiba point is our private camp in the selous; a totally exclusive little retreat in the heart of one of the most game-rich areas. With family, or a group of friends, safari life doesn't get much better than a few days here.

Sometimes you just want to get away and have your own safari, be it with your family, kids, or just another. Whilst safari camps generally are social affairs, and great that they are, we know that sometimes we just want to do a safari on our own. And this without having to meet anyone else, to be able to do our own game drives as and when we want, or sleep in late and do nothing; and if we didn't want to say another word to another person for an entire day, well that would be alright to!

It's a mile downstream from our other Selous camp, Sand Rivers, but it operates completely in its own private world. It's set back off the river, with only 4 impressively large and open-fronted rooms. Bathrooms are bush deluxe, with flush toilets, indoor and outdoor showers and hot and cold water as and when you want. Each room has its own plunge pool set into the edge of the deck, and there is also a large pool at the main thatched mess, where you can also sink into comfortable sofas and chairs for an afternoon of general laziness.

Highlights: The sights and sounds of the river and the great variety of adventures to be had along its banks and the surrounding woodlands and open sand rivers. Open-fronted rooms that allow you to feel totally part of Africa, but with all the comforts of a suite. Fabulous sightings of the river's residents and great birding as well as lots of big mammals; visits to Stieglers Gorge, Kidai Island, Hot Springs and Lake Tagalala.

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It was while leading a portered walking safari through this part of the world in the 80s that Richard stumbled upon this particular bend of the Rufiji River. Straightaway he knew he'd found somewhere special.

He'd spent months crossing the whole African continent by river and walked extensively throughout the Southern Selous, so he had some grounds for confidence in his judgement.

Building a lodge was far from his mind at that point, but when, many years later, with many more miles of the Selous under his belt, the chance came to replace his beloved old (and by that time decrepit) base camp with something a little more permanent, he knew for a fact that there was nowhere better to be.

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