Hoanib Valley Camp

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Hoanib Valley Camp, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Discover the true magnitude and magic of Namibia and visit a place that not many will ever have the chance to explore…

This area is one of the best places to see desert adapted elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, mountain zebra, and oryx.

Sip a G&T on your private veranda and contemplate the stark beauty of the landscape spread out all around you.

Learn more about the ground-breaking giraffe research that is being conducted in this remote corner of Namibia.

Spend time with local Herero people and learn a little of their fascinating way of life in such a harsh climate.

Embark on a guided nature walk and uncover the smaller flora and fauna of the desert.

The wildlife of the Hoanib Valley is perfectly at home in the arid environment, and learning about their survival techniques is fascinating. Game drives will reveal desert-adapted elephant, as well as stately desert-adapted giraffe, and, if you’re very lucky, desert lion. Zebra, klipspringer and kudu move freely through the mountains, and you’ll find hardy herds of springbok and oryx, as well as steenbok picking their way across the dust-blown landscapes. The region is home to the largest population of free-ranging black rhino, and a day (or even a morning or an afternoon) tracking the magnificent beasts is an absolute must. Bird watchers, keep your eyes peeled for Monteiro’s hornbills or Ruppell’s korhaans in the valleys, and the imperious Verreaux’s eagle in the mountain

Game Drives

Game drives to track desert adapted lion, elephant and giraffe.

Nature Walks

Rhino Tracking

Cultural experiences with local Herero people.

Giraffe Research

Learn more about the giraffe research happening in the area.

Hoanib Valley Camp is a joint venture with the local community and with the NGO the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). GCF are the longest running giraffe conservation charity in Africa and are the leaders in cutting edge giraffe research. In Hoanib, their research not only focusses on the desert-adapted giraffe in the area, but also helps to monitor elephant and general game.

Very few people realise the giraffe are endangered and they are often over-shadowed by the larger (sexier!) species such as rhino and elephant. Through their genetic work, Dr. Fennessy and the GCF have discovered four distinct species of giraffe across Africa, instead of what was formally thought to be sub-species – crucial information concerning the future of giraffe populations across the continent. Interested in finding out more? When in camp there are opportunities to meet the researchers and learn about the critical work going on in the area.

Natural Selection donates 1.5% of their gross revenue to conservation, and the GCF is one of the partners who receives funds. We’re delighted to have partnered with them, and to be contributing to their research and project work.

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