Solio Lodge

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Solio Lodge, Nyeri, Kenya

Uncover the fragile history of Africa’s rhino, hunted to the point of extinction for their valuable horns. Solio Lodge sits at the heart of Kenya’s first private conservancy, and now considered to be East Africa’s most successful rhino breeding ground. Used in traditional medicines and revered for its healing properties, pound for pound rhino horn is more valuable than gold. Today, thanks to various bold initiatives including putting up one of Kenya’s first conservation fences and fiercely maintaining the peace and calm, Solio Conservancy proudly boasts a thriving population (approx 175 black and 60 white) of rhino roaming freely in its grasslands.

Nestled between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains, almost on the equator. Solio's geographical position makes it the perfect destination to combine with Kenya's 'Northern circuit'.


Mountain bikes are available for the guests to use at any time to get some exercise on the beautiful Solio Ranch.


Guests can try their hand at fly fishing for trout in the nearby Aberdare National Park.

Honeymoon / Just for 2

Luxurious cottages with private decks and panoramic views of the nearby hills, dinner is often served outside under the stars within sight of grazing waterbuck, zebras or even rhino.

Getting Involved

Spend a day with the Mount Kenya Trust anti-poaching patrols riding the Mount Kenya National Park


The stables are home to 6 horses and riders of all abilities can enjoy Solio Ranch on horseback.


Guests can enjoy in-room massages and beauty treatments.

Walking Safaris

Stretch your legs and take the time to appreciate the wildlife, flora, fauna and birdlife within Solio Ranch.

Helicopter to Mount Kenya

Horseback riding, walking, game drives and fishing trips to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains are signature Solio Lodge experiences, as is the opportunity to see both white and black rhino in the same conservancy.

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