Tuludi Camp

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Tuludi Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

If you’ve been forever dreaming of an iconic Okavango Delta experience, then end your search with Tuludi. The camp is located in the Khwai Private Reserve, over 200,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, and the landscape is fit for a fairy tale: floodplains stretch as far as the eye can see and the glistening waterways and emerald forests attract all the stars of the safari show.

At Tuludi itself, we wanted to capture the magic of being enfolded in nature and the serenity and space that comes with it. Picture seven, tree-house style rooms, shaded by the boughs of cool leadwood trees, sophisticated interiors that mix the contemporary with the traditional, and airy spaces, dotted with intriguing maps, botanicals and treasures from around the area. The result? An exclusive oasis that you’ll be delighted to return to after a day exploring the extraordinary ecosystem.

Why Book this Camp?

  • Sophisticated, intimate and with every detail attended to, Tuludi offers an iconic Delta experience in the most refined of surroundings.
  • Enjoy the space and serenity of an exclusive private reserve on the fringes of the Okavango Delta with only a handful of camps in over 200,000 hectares.
  • No day will be the same at Tuludi, and with game drives, walking safaris and fantastic water-based game viewing on offer, you’ll discover the best of the Delta.
  • Turn your safari into a real holiday and spend some time relaxing in camp. With a large swimming pool at the main area, a plunge pool at your room and a treehouse library, there are plenty of places for a spot of chill out time.
  • Be part of conservation in action: the Khwai Private Reserve is a private concession from which proceeds go straight back into the eco-tourism initiatives of the area and to the surrounding communities.

Game Drives

Game drive through the concession for close-up encounters with a range of animals that’s are as diverse as the landscapes whizzing past.

Guided Walking Safari

Enjoy a slower pace of life on a walking safari with one of the experienced guides.

Mokoro Excursions

Drift through the lily pads on a mokoro safari and reach all the corners of the Delta that a vehicle simply can’t reach.

Boat Safari

Float along the waterways and rivers on a boat safari, keeping an eye out for the wildlife wandering beside you.

The Okavango Delta may be known for its wildlife, but sometimes, it’s the landscapes that really steal the show. In the Khwai Private Reserve, in the secluded, northern reaches of the Delta, this couldn’t be truer and the real magic of the 200,000-hectare reserve is its astonishing diversity. Think vast, flowing floodplains that stretch out like the prettiest of emerald-green carpets; pockets of verdant forests and battalions of enormous Leadwood trees; pockets of lily-covered lagoons and meandering waterways. And in the middle of it all is the fast-flowing Khwai River, the lifeline of the reserve and one that attracts herds of wildlife in their droves.

As for location, the reserve is bordered by the world-famous Moremi Game Reserve to the south, and the vast Chobe National Park to the east. Together the three reserves are part of the greater Okavango Delta World Heritage Site. We are particularly lucky in Khwai however, as visitor access is somewhat limited and you’ll only ever bump into a handful of guests (if that) – and all from Natural Selection camps! Tuludi itself is located in the southern reaches of the reserve, far from the public areas.

The floodplains around Tuludi aren’t simply beautiful, they’re also the perfect location for enormous herds of elephant and buffalo who wander amongst the grass undisturbed. Whilst the Khwai River is the main water source in the area, the waterways that spindle out through the grasslands attract game from far and wide, and there’s no shortage of zebra, giraffe, antelope and other plains game.

But really, it’s the predators that steal the show here and the concentrations are superior to most in the area. Expect prides of lion on the hunt as dusk falls, leopard lazing in the forest and cheetah stalking their territories – and have your cameras at the ready at all times! The area is also home to a good number of endangered wild dog and if you’re lucky enough to spot them in the wild, you’ll never want to leave.

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